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What we do.

  • family office services
    family office services

    A Family Office is a well-run team of professionals that caters to the needs of a wealthy family, including investment portfolio management, management of passion assets, succession planning, family governance, tax advisory, estate planning, training and development plans for the next generation and concierge services.

    APAM’s Swiss heritage and experienced family office team, steeped with years of experience working in major financial centres such as New York, Zurich, London, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, allows us to serve the Family Office needs of individuals and families.

    You may already have your own Family Office, or are looking to set one up. You may be the founder of a successful business, looking to protect and pass on the wealth and business assets you have created to your family. You may be a second or third generation family member working in the family business, seeking consensus and a way forward to take your family’s business to new heights. We have the expertise to support you in defining strategies to reach your goals.

  • portfolio management
    portfolio management

    Strategic Asset Allocation
    • Your goals and targets are of paramount importance to us
    • Therefore, we seek your support to define an appropriate risk and investment profile
    • Once this is established, we will present you with an investment proposal
    • Continuous input of your specific situation guides our process to design a tailored investment strategy, also known as the strategic asset allocation
    • This can be adapted at any time if your needs and requirements change

    Tactical Asset Allocation
    • From the investable universe of securities, we will select the relevant ones that match your investment profile and type of mandate
    • We are attentive to valuations and will take profits for you if a particular asset class outperforms
    • We assess the relative attractiveness of each asset class and decide whether to over or under weight sub-asset classes
    • If necessary, we will hedge the portfolio to protect it from losses

    Portfolio Construction
    • The strategic asset allocation developed according to your investment guidelines will be combined with our tactical asset allocation derived from our market analysis
    • This is an on-going process and is influenced by changing market conditions, valuations, your input and any changes to the investment profile
    • Our task is to actively rebalance the portfolio to reflect our latest market views and to consider any changes in your
    investment strategy

  • investment advisory
    investment advisory

    With the use of innovative products for private and institutional clients APAM now serves clients globally. We offer Investment Advisory Services and Solutions with the use of tailor-made actively Managed Certificates and Global Fixed Income Funds.

    You as our client, retain the control of every investment decision with the support of our experienced investment advisors. With our extensive multi-assets coverage from leading financial institutions we source a timely and comprehensive strategy to suit your risk profile and your investment objectives.

  • private equity
    private equity

    Through its investment vehicles, APAM has a separate, distinct and independent private equity investment mandate which focuses on corporate finance event driven transactions with clear exit strategies such as pre-IPOs, IPOs, RTOs, privatizations, M&As, re-listings, restructurings and mezzanine financing, Investment vehicles.